Leisure Facilities & Services

Holiday Village Kibbutz Mizra is set out to expose the guests to today's Kibbutz way of life. Our guests dine with the Kibbutz members in the dining hall, enjoy the great lawns and the playgrounds, the agricultural fields and of course, they are welcome to join the content activities we offer throughout the year, such as: bonfires, baking Hallah bread just like they do in the local kindergarten, tours of the Kibbutz, traditional folk dancing and lectures about life in the Kibbutz (communal sleeping, agriculture, the community, volunteers and more).

The Kibbutz dining hall

The Kibbutz dining hall, where our guests dine, is the beating heart of the Kibbutz.
This is where the members meet daily or the excellent lunch.
This is where 900 diners celebrate the Kibbutz Seder night and many more holidays.
The meals at the dining room are appetizing and diverse, and non-kosher.


The beautiful and lawn surrounded swimming pool in Mizra hosts the guests of the holiday village and the members of the Kibbutz. The swimming pool is open all days of the week, at fixed hours and complies with all regulations and permits.

Movies and Shows

In the Kibbutz, just by the holiday village is the local movie theatre. Each week it offers quality films, pre-premiers and excellent shows. Our guests enjoy special prices.
Each week we update on new movies and shows in the theatre.

In the Area

Mizra is a 5-minute drive away from Nazareth's tourist and holy sites.
Jizreel Valley is surrounding us with all its glory, with fun attractions, sheep dairy farms, wineries, wonderful restaurants, agricultural tours and more. Our team of reception and reservations representatives would love to help you build an activity plan for the time of your stay. 

Little Mizra Museum

A special little museum that captures the story of the establishment of the Kibbutz, and in fact, the story of the Israeli Kibbutz as a whole. Walking in the museum is like a time tunnel taking us back to a time where people talked differently, thought differently and had a different set of priorities.
Only a combination of vision and faith, daring realization and passionate action could have erect such a glorious masterpiece that is lasting nearly 100 years.
Visiting the museum is a complete nostalgic experience, filled with authentic and touching stories of the folklore, education and life in Mizra at its early days.
Our guests enjoy free admission to the museum.

Agricultural Tour

Mizra's glory is at its agriculture. 1,730 acres of professional farming with cutting edge technology that is based on the farming tradition of the Kibbutz's early days.
The agricultural tours are directed at groups center either the dairy farm or the field crops.
In the summer months and on holidays, families will enjoy an agricultural tour accompanied by the workers of the field crops industry, a fascinating and fun experience.

Petting Zoo

In the Kibbutz we have a fun little petting zoo, that is run and kept by the community and its children (Kids, adolescents and adults). In the petting zoo you can pet rabbits and guinea pigs, ride a pony and see a variety of animals such as: pheasants, peacocks, ducks, rabbits, ferrets, parrots, goats, a porcupine and more.
Our guests enjoy free admission to the petting zoo.