Our Story

The Kibbutz Mizra hotel revives the Kibbutz experience,
The scents, stories and flavors – at the heart of the valley fields.
The hospitality is wrapped in personal attention,
and top-tier, meticulous hotel professionalism.
Our Values
The Kibbutz | Professionalism | Contemporaneity  | Teamwork
For us, the Kibbutz is a value that reflects home, family and the full hospitality experience.
Our guests, just like our employees, stay and work within a community of unique features.
We dine together in the dining room, shop at the Markolit, celebrate holidays together - and our guests are right there along with us. You are welcome to experience our home – Kibbutz Mizra. The Mizra community is part of our story, and as such, it plays an important role in our hospitality.
Our guests will always feel like they are receiving above and beyond, because like at home, we are outstandingly attentive to their needs and wishes, and we will do whatever in our power, within our limitations, to accommodate any request.


The ability to fulfill the brand's promise – experience of the Kibbutz hospitality –
While maintaining a high hotel standard – that is our expertise.
Professionalism drives us to keep learning and specializing, and to be the best and most professional at our jobs.
It is expressed in our availability to the guests and responding immediately to any query or request. In addition, we perceive that operating a high quality hosting experience is a direct result of management and professional work.
Professionalism is a top value for us, and is of great importance in managing a resort like ours, in managing all of the interfaces within the Kibbutz and outside of it, and most importantly – in the interaction with our visiting guests.
We believe that in order to experience the Kibbutz being in a high quality hotel standard, we must maintain the characteristic authenticity that embodies the Kibbutz spirit and the heart of the experience.
With that, we strive to maintain, without settling, the most up-to-date, highest hotel standards.
The authenticity comes to life in the direct interaction with the Kibbutz's past and present, and the many beautiful experiences it has today and had in the past.
Along with that, we are open to changes, attentive to hotel trends, and are in a constant process of professional growth and evolvement with all that relates to strengthening the hotel standard.
We work together as a team. and care for each other a great deal.
The Kibbutz Mizra hotel is a home for us, and just as we accommodate our guests, that is how we treat ourselves – our team of workers and managers.
All of the workers at the resort are committed to the place and to their responsibilities and are working together, individually and as a team, to do whatever is possible to make the guests feel at home, experience the Kibbutz and enjoy a high hotel standard.