Change and Cancellation Policy

Methods and policy for cancellation of reservations made through Holiday Village Kibbutz Mizra website: 

Change to a reservation:
Customers wishing to change their reservation cannot do so on the website. Changes to the reservation can be made by email or phone.
Phone number: (+972) 04-6429230 Email:
Cancellation of a reservation:
Customers who booked a reservation through the website, will receive a user name and password along with the booking confirmation. Cancellation of the reservation can be done by clickingthe "My Reservations" tab located at the bottom of the screen on any page on the website. Customers will be asked to enter a username (their email address) and a password received along with the booking confirmation.
Once username and password were entered, cancellation will be made available by clicking a highlighted "booking cancellation" button. This will be available only in case the reservation is cancellable according to the tariff. In case the reservation is not cancellable according to the tariff conditions, the cancellation button will not be available under "my reservations" and the reservation can only be cancelled by contacting the holiday village by phone: (+972) 04-6429230, or email:

Means of cancellation:
Cancelling a reservation done on the website can be done by delivering a "cancel notification".
"Cancel notification"– a notification made by the customer in any of the following channels, that includes the name of the person who booked the reservation and the last four digits of their payment method. In case of a verbal cancellation, another identifying detail agreed upon while editing the booking will be required.
A cancel notification can be delivered in any of the following channels:
  1. Verbally – by calling our phone number (+972) 04-6429230, or notifying in person at the place of business, at: Holiday Village Kibbutz Mizra, Mizra.
  2. Registered post to address: Holiday Village Kibbutz Mizra, Emek Yizrael, 1931200 Israel
  3. Email:
  4. Fax: 04-6420676
  5. Under "My Reservations" tab on website.
  6. By filling  cancellation form
For any additional questions and requests, please leave a message at the "contact us" tab on the website and we will return to you shortly, or phone our reservation center 04-6429230.