Kibbutz Mizra

Kibbutz Mizra was established in 1923, in northern Jezreel Valley, on a land surrounded by swamps, by a group of pioneers from Russia, Poland and Germany.
With time they were joined by members of HaShomer HaTzair from Kiryat Haim, and "outsider children" (children who were sent to acquire education in the Kibbutz without their families), who were received and "adopted" by families in the Kibbutz. Today Mizra is home to about 650 members and residents.
The agriculture in Mizra includes field crops, orchards and a thriving dairy farm.
Until 1991, the children in the Kibbutz slept in communal sleeping, since then they all went back to sleep in their own homes.
The Kibbutz was privatized in 2008, but the dining room is still active and open all days of the week and many members eat their meals in it.
During Friday dinners, you will meet nearly all Kibbutz members, seated by the family along long tables and enjoying the festive dinner together.
The community in Mizra is strong and firm, and the atmosphere along the years has always remained kind and respectful.
Our cultural activity is known throughout the region and is a unifying factor in our community, as we celebrate every holiday together, while everyone takes part volunteering with great joy to contribute to a community that is thriving and happy.